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Wood Watches Info

Wood Watches


One accessory that is universal for all human beings is an excellent timepiece. Watches are a standard piece of jewelry that is worn by both men and women. Not only does it serve the purpose of being able to tell you where you are at any given time, but today's watches also can make a fashion statement about who you are. If you have an eclectic style, and you want to make a bold declaration, the wood watch is a way to stand out among your peers.


Take Your Pick!


While it might seem like there is so much one can do when designing a watch out of a piece of wood, there are several models that are sure to catch the everyday watch lover's eye. The selections that are available to choose from are the Treehut, Ideashop Vosicar, Topwell, Zebra and Sililun watch. Each of these watches has their own unique look, and they are also quite durable. While some wood watches have the appearance of a dark grain, others have a lighter wooden appearance. Whether you like the classic number design or Roman numerals, wooden watches can meet all your needs.




While the concept of wood watches is relatively new, they appear to be an item that will be around for years to come. Their popularity is growing, and with most of the watches being made of 100% genuine wood, it's safe to assume that the demand is sure to continue to grow. So, if you want an excellent conversation starter as well as an practical everyday item, take a look at the variety of wooden watches that are now on the market.